Note: Minutes of Meetings are confirmed at the next meeting of Council or the Committee.
Meeting DateMeeting TypeAgendaMinutesAdditional Attachments
19/12/2017Special Council PDF (4.5MB)
12/12/2017Council PDF (10.3MB) PDF (1.2MB)
28/11/2017Special Council PDF (955.0KB) PDF (852.2KB)
21/11/2017Council PDF (29.3MB) PDF (1.3MB)
17/10/2017Council PDF (60.2MB) PDF (1.3MB)
19/09/2017Council PDF (32.7MB) PDF (1022.3KB)
22/08/2017Council PDF (37.0MB) PDF (1.4MB)
18/07/2017Council PDF (30.8MB) PDF (359.4KB)
26/06/2017Special Council PDF (16.6MB) PDF (779.0KB)
20/06/2017Council PDF (16.1MB) PDF (1.4MB)
16/05/2017Council PDF (33.1MB) PDF (1.2MB)
18/04/2017Council PDF (10.8MB) PDF (1.1MB)
28/03/2017Council PDF (29.7MB) PDF (1.1MB)
21/02/2017Council PDF (32.1MB) PDF (1.6MB)
06/02/2017Special Council PDF (16.7MB) PDF (560.6KB)